Tetrahedral Audio offers sound recording services, specialising in the recording of mainly classical concerts, but with experience in studio recording and editing. Tetrahedral Audio aims to produce natural-sounding recordings without any artificial emphasis or misleading balance. Stereo recordings can be delivered in any form, from download files through burnt CD-Rs to mastered CD materials ready for the pressing plant. Surround sound can be delivered as files or burnt onto DVD-R.

In addition, Tetrahedral Audio has a computer-based chamber organ which is available for hire. We can also undertake modest music typesetting jobs and will consider transcribing cassette tapes or old LPs.

Where does the name come from?

The name Tetrahedral Audio is a reflection of the type of microphone that is used. The microphones have four capsules arranged in a tetrahedral formation, and are often known as 'soundfield' microphones. Such microphones are in various ways more versatile than traditional microphones. The history and design of such microphones is outlined on other pages of this site.

Core Sound TetraMic

Where are we based?

Tetrahedral Audio is based in Oxford, in the UK, and so is available to work in and around that city, say, within about an hour's drive. We have no objection to recording elsewhere (e.g. London), but the expense of that would need to be considered.

Who are we?

'We' is actually 'I': Paul Hodges. I have been recording since my teens, and had training in the Music Division of BBC Radio, where I worked for a period. I also have a long-standing loose association with the community which invented and is developing the recording technique known as Ambisonics and the soundfield microphones associated with it.