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Chamber organ

Tetrahedral Audio has a computer-based chamber organ, which uses samples of selected stops from a baroque organ in the Holy Trinity church in the Czech town of Smečno. A free choice of pitch and temperament can be set; two pitches can be alternated if required.

8   Principale
8   Copula
4   Copula
4   Fugara
2   Principal
1½  Quinta
1   Octava

The first stop is dated ca. 1587, and the others ca.1775.

Chamber organ in chapel of Exeter College, Oxford:

Chamber Organ

Music typesetting

Modest size scores or parts can be typeset. The best results are obtained using Lilypond, our preferred typesetting software, but we will consider work on existing scores, if required, in Sibelius 7.5 or Dorico.

Part of Schubert - Psalm 23:

Typesetting Example